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At Grower Direct we grow and supply top quality Hedging & Evergreens. We offer over 500 types of Hedging Trees, in a range of sizes from 2ft - 42ft. Our more Mature Evergreens offer immediate Screening for Privacy & Instant Impact.


We grow all our most popular and all our native Hedging plants from seed or cuttings of U.K provenance using fully sustainable production methods.All our production is carried out with the environment of the planet that we all share at the forefront,our compost has 40% recycled green mass incorporated which helps preserve our peat wet lands, and we are happy to recycle your used pots for you which helps us all reduce carbon emissions.

Comprehensive Range

To meet planning requirements and to blend with local plantings in rural areas we can also supply in various sizes Beech Hedging, Privett Hedging,Hornbeam Hedge, Hawthorn hedge, Holly hedging and Native mixed hedging. We offer a comprehensive range of flowering and native Trees for sale,from small whips to Semi-mature Specimens.

Fast Growing

We pride ourselves on being able to offer the best Hedge Plants to suit your individual hedge or hedges. Your Garden hedge is a major part of your outdoor living space and so the choice of Shrubs or Trees is all important. Some plants for hedging offer fast growing hedging like Leylandii hedge or Laurel hedging. Others like Yew hedging or Thuja hedging can be planted as mature hedging plants thus offering instant hedging.

Local Delivery

Having Thousands of plants in stock means we can normally turn orders into 2-3 day lead times, thus meeting your planting requirements and matching plants with your planting contractors schedule.

We offer local delivery via pallet carrier next day, 2-3 day or by our own nursery transport. All orders are given the same priority thus assuring you of our best attention at all times.

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