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We take great pride in providing all types of hedging services all year round, we have clients right accross Europe. We grow and deliver direct! There is no middle man. This means you benefit with great savings and beautiful evergreen direct from us.

Whether you are looking for, Laurel Hedging, Box Hedging, Beech Hedging, Privet, Thuja or Yew Hedging you can rest assure you will get an evergreen bargain delivered to your door!

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EVERGREEN and Native hedging plants and trees. Specialist suppliers of POTTED, ROOTBALLED & BARE ROOT Leylandii, Laurel, Box, Holly, Privett, Thuja, Yew, Red Robin, Eucalptus, Pyracantha, Native & Ornamental trees and imported Specimen Palms and Bamboo.

Here at Grower Direct we grow and supply top quality Hedging & Evergreens. We offer over 500 types of Hedging/Trees, in a range of sizes from 2ft – 42ft. Our more Mature Evergreens offer immediate Screening for Privacy & Instant Impact.

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